Commercial Installations

Commercial Installations

Your property should be inviting to customers and clients and make a great first impression of you and your business. We make any exterior space warm and inviting. We have worked with businesses large and small across Knoxville to create commercial landscaping designs that make a statement.

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Outdoor Lighting

One thing that draws people to a location is atmosphere. Especially true in businesses sch as restaurants, the atmosphere creates an environment that puts visitors in a certain mood. Lighting is a tremendous part of atmosphere. We analyze outdoor spaces and design the best lighting design for that space, making it warm, inviting and helps to set the mood that is right for your business.


The layout of the land isn’t set in stone. There are ways to transform just about any outdoor area to make it functional and beautiful. We design and create outdoor patios, pathways, outdoor fireplaces, and build retaining walls to transform any outdoor space in an area you can be proud of.

Drainage & Irrigation

Land doesn’t always have proper drainage naturally. If water doesn’t have a place to flow to, it can gather and cause problems. It can flood parking lots and cause hazards for you and customers visiting your business. On the other hand, if you need water routed to specific areas, we can design and build an irrigation system for your property.

Commercial Landscape Design

A great way for your business to stand out is a well-designed exterior. An outdoor gathering area, such as a patio, or an outdoor fireplace can really make a location much more inviting. Stone walkways and paths can be designed for safe passage, while looking amazing. Whatever your vision may be, our team can bring it to life.

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We work with homeowners and business owners everyday who want a great looking lawn and outdoor area, but are stuck somewhere in the process. We are here to help you - every step of the way.