Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts

We provide lawncare and property maintenance services for commercial and industrial clients in the Knoxville area. We work with businesses and HOAs to keep properties properly maintained and looking great, lush and healthy.

Maintenance Services

We provide a wide variety to lawncare and maintenance services to residential & commercial clients.

Lawn Care Services

We mow lawns for business clients such as HOAs, and apartment complexes, keeping the area looking great!

edging and trimming services in Knoxville TN

Edging and Trimming

We edge and trim all walways, paths, and sidewalks, removing an unwanted growth. We keep these areas looking clean and professional, making an excellent first impression for any visitor.

trimming & pruning of shrubs

Trimming & Pruning of Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs are great for landscaping, until they get out of hand. We will trim and prune bushes and shrubs, giving them a neat appearance.

mulching services in KInoxville TN


Mulching provides nutrients and moisture for plants and foliage. When done the right way, it looks great with any home or business.

Irrigation & Winterization

Irrigation is vital to keeping grass and vegetation properly hydrated. We also provide winterization services.

Completely Done-For-You!

We provide our maintenance services at a regular schedule, ensuring your business looks amazing – and stays that way. Enjoy your outdoor space without the hard work and hassle of maintaining it.

Have questions? We’re here to help!

We work with homeowners and business owners everyday who want a great looking lawn and outdoor area, but are stuck somewhere in the process. We are here to help you - every step of the way.